The Castle Creek Launchpad network unites the expanding capabilities of fintech with the market expertise of community banks.

Fund Firms

Castle Creek Capital

As the premier private equity firm in community banking for over three decades, Castle Creek has a deep commitment to the vibrancy of these financial institutions. The firm principals have a comprehensive grasp of the U.S. banking landscape and a laser focus on the success of this market through technological transformation. They know what banks need from fintech, support ambitious bank leaders in fintech sponsorship, and have the personal relationships to facilitate new bank-fintech partnerships, especially among the 34 community bank limited partners in the first fund.

Launchpad Capital

The Launchpad partners bring direct entrepreneurial experience, a vast network of personal connections, and the drive to push through challenges. The team has worked together in venture capital for several years, across firms and funds, to back companies reshaping financial services. Among founders, Launchpad values grit, candor, and a motivation to make meaningful changes. They support portfolio companies in tackling immediate challenges and bring a long-range perspective on how emerging technologies will transform financial interactions and expectations.